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Married to @carlahl. Dad. Love this country and its future. @Our_DA Shadow Minister of Finance. Member of Parliament.

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RT @NMag_CT: Ever heard of SA breweries doing beer shedding? Ever heard of Shoprite doing grocery shedding? No? Well that is exactly why Eskom (and all other SOEs) should be privatized.

RT @gavdavis: RT @gavdavis: This is excellent news for freedom of choice — both educationally and politically. Well done.… via @C…

RT @tito_mboweni: Courts are very important, powerful,respected and central institutions with decorum over the ages.They have developed doctrines such as = ‘Do not waste the court’s time with trivial/small issues’. So the @geordinhl SAA interdict might fall under this. But we meet in court. Right?

RT @dorothyblack: RT @dorothyblack: Took a pic of a Huffington Post newsroom

RT @Zekewareley: I assisted someone by applying for the Food Parcel from the WCGOV. It has arrived and will soon be collected by the beneficiary once the weather clears up 🌧. Thank you, @WesternCapeGov and especially, DSD. @SharnaFernandez @alanwinde

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RT @GiftQY: RT @GiftQY: We are ready for DASO to lead. We are ready to govern. We start working for students on Monday! #SRC2018 #DASO9

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RT @GiftQY: Whilst students are on holiday, the @UCT_SRC is busy at work. Meetings, meetings all day. At the end of my term I want to be able to say "what's financial exclusion?" #NoStudentLeftBehind

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Geordin Hill-Lewis (DA) retweeted @GiftQY :

RT @GiftQY: Today I registered to vote for @Our_DA. A party that represents me and is our only hope for freedom and opportunity for all South Africa #RegisterForTotalChange

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RT @GiftQY: RT @GiftQY: I'm so proud to be associated with this party. The DASO9 will ensure that the students voice is heard. The DA delivers! Believe…