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Member of Parliament; DA Shadow Minister of Higher Education and Training; DA Political Head, Boksburg West; Professor of Sociology.

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RT @gmichalakis: RT @gmichalakis: ANC has officially lost control of a FState municipality with election of MCA Cllr Sello Khlasa as Mayor of Metsimaholo, b…

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RT @Ikwane: RT @Ikwane: @belbozz Thanks.

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Here is the link to the College of Medicine document, which argues that closure of schools has little effect on the virus. file:///Applications/…

RT @AnandWrites: Today’s titans of tech and finance want to solve the world’s problems. As long as the solutions never, ever threaten their own wealth and power. A gift for #WEF19 delegates in #Davos from the @guardian and me.…

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Here is a typical MP's salary slip, in light of the current debate on the matter.

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RT @spectatorindex: Reported rapes per 100,000 people, last available year. South Africa: 132 Sweden: 63 Australia: 28 US: 27 Norway: 19 UK: 17 France: 16 Finland: 15 South Korea: 13 Mexico: 13 Ireland: 10 Germany: 9 Netherlands: 9 Russia: 3.4 India: 1.8 Canada: 1.7 Turkey: 1.5 Japan: 1 (UN)

RT @ANCParliament: #Mkhize I want to thank the members because you have a great sense of responsibility in dealing with this matter. It is the one matter where we cannot afford to be politicking & point scoring. I think largely the approach you have taken has been is very responsible. #CoronaVirus

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RD finds a couple of our draft policy proposals that might not work. Fine. But RD fails to engage with the overall approach our new policy takes - "pro-poor bottom-up" rather than "pro-elite top-down". Will this challenge to ANC orthodoxy be too much for our journos to bear?

Belinda Bozzoli (DA) tweeted :

Davis takes detail seriously and picks on a couple of our draft policy proposals that might not work. Bully for her. But her failure to engage with the entire approach our new policy takes - pro-poor bottom-up rather than pro-elite top-down - is completely ignored.