All deleted tweets from politicians

DA Member of Parliament, Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises, Liberal, Feminist, M&G Top 200 Young SA's, Glenwegian, Forza Napoli, ACYPL Alumni, Bring.It.On

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RT @DeepFriedMan: RT @DeepFriedMan: We used to dread our President's reshuffles. Now we can't wait for them.

Natasha Mazzone MP (DA) tweeted :

The ball is now in the hands of Deputy President Mabuza, in his capacity as LOB to ensure that Parliament is reconvened soon for MPs to get back to work and help deal with the long list of challenges that South Africans face. I have today written to him. We owe SA true service!

RT @ALoSchwartz: RT @ALoSchwartz: @Natasha9Mazzone keep going, you're winning votes. Love for @Our_DA…

RT @JacquesMaree73: Whatever goodwill once existed towards Pravin the Reformer has surely evaporated. Ditto Cyril the Reformer & Tito the Reformer. And those 3 disappointments were pretty much the extent of it. There is nothing worth saving in this ANC.… via @businesstechSA

RT @HobsonGuyThomas: RT @HobsonGuyThomas: We need more people like @Natasha9Mazzone in control! #SONA2020

RT @MoneroAce: I am speaking for my business, my family, the Xhosa gentleman I am helping support, because no one has paid him, and his family back home in the Transkei! #johnspeaksforme

RT @pierredevos: In which I try to explain why more is at stake than whether you can go jogging after 09:00 in the morning: "Ministers need to provide rational, fact-based, and truthful justifications for lockdown regulations"

RT @wayneduv: I beg your pardon. Who’s your “ALL”? When did all people with pension funds agree to this? All agree: Use pension funds - The Mail & Guardian…

RT @TerryTCM93: RT @TerryTCM93: @Natasha9Mazzone is officially my favourite South African politician #EskomInquiry