All deleted tweets from politicians

Chief Whip of the Official Opposition in the Parliament of South Africa, DA, Liberal, Feminist, M&G Top 200 Young SA's, Glenwegian, Forza Napoli, ACYPL Alumni.

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RT @JacquesMaree73: Whatever goodwill once existed towards Pravin the Reformer has surely evaporated. Ditto Cyril the Reformer & Tito the Reformer. And those 3 disappointments were pretty much the extent of it. There is nothing worth saving in this ANC.… via @businesstechSA

RT @HobsonGuyThomas: RT @HobsonGuyThomas: We need more people like @Natasha9Mazzone in control! #SONA2020

RT @MoneroAce: I am speaking for my business, my family, the Xhosa gentleman I am helping support, because no one has paid him, and his family back home in the Transkei! #johnspeaksforme

RT @pierredevos: In which I try to explain why more is at stake than whether you can go jogging after 09:00 in the morning: "Ministers need to provide rational, fact-based, and truthful justifications for lockdown regulations"

RT @wayneduv: I beg your pardon. Who’s your “ALL”? When did all people with pension funds agree to this? All agree: Use pension funds - The Mail & Guardian…

RT @TerryTCM93: RT @TerryTCM93: @Natasha9Mazzone is officially my favourite South African politician #EskomInquiry

RT @Agentgreenpaste: RT @Agentgreenpaste: @mandisatweets @Natasha9Mazzone is a like an Olympic archer, every point is on target... #Respect

RT @Norm_Star: RT @Norm_Star: I'm with Natasha on this one.…

RT @solomonmaila2: WE HEARTILY CONGRATULATE Natasha Mazzone, MP on her appointment today as the DA Parliamentary Chief Whip. Natasha is a suitably qualified, tried and tested, fit and proper person for the job. It is about competence and capabilities. Nothing else. That’s how the DA functions. Ta!