All deleted tweets from politicians

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Mmusi Maimane (DA) tweeted :

Let us fully support the President @CyrilRamaphosa in this critical time. We hope these measures can flatten the curve and bring us to the other end of this tunnel.

Mmusi Maimane (DA) replied to @kulaniirish :

@kulaniirish @mlangenifnb I made you wait, you are right. Kodwa I announced my decision that day and more significantly it was not a Pandemic where time is off the essence.

Mmusi Maimane (DA) replied to @Sihle_QK :

@Sihle_QK We took every care to avoid crowding congestion. It’s important to make sure no one is put at risk while help is being provided.

@mpanna_wammako @KagisoMonyadiwa @Abramjee @David_Makhura We had no incidents of crowding. We took every care to maintain robust social distancing.

Mmusi Maimane (DA) replied to @Cmfundisi :

@Cmfundisi I went with a very small team of people to distribute hand sanitizers in areas where water provision is not adequate. We took every precaution to avoid crowding, we maintained social distancing. I understand where you are coming from. We need to give the tools to our people.

Mmusi Maimane (DA) replied to @MmusiMaimane :

@Cmfundisi The government is not doing anything to provide these resources to poor communities. Making sure the people have what they need to protect themselves was the key priority. We can always do things better. I am open to that feedback, understand that this was to lend a hand.

Mmusi Maimane (DA) replied to @Sbu_Fo :

@Sbu_Fo If community leaders had done it, would you not have had a similar complaint? I am very open to feedback, ways of doing things better. Understand that we need to make sure our communities have the tools they need to protect themselves. This is what I was providing. Fela.

Mmusi Maimane (DA) replied to @GpMoraka :

@GpMoraka @Cmfundisi I have not travelled to a high risk country and I have not been in contact with anyone who has to the best of my knowledge. In addition we practiced social distancing and made sure we sanitized our hands periodically. I was trying to help those without access to sanitizer.

Mmusi Maimane (DA) replied to @nyaki_merafe :

@nyaki_merafe Where is the crowd ? We took every care to prevent any form of crowd forming. This was about making sure that people had access to hand sanitizer. It was not a political rally.