All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: Hell has no fury like an EU scorned.…

RT @Sowellnomics: Democratic Socialism is Socialism with another word infront of it. Adding another word doesn't make it any less Socialist. Lefties are masters at deception & manipulate the English language to push their totalitarian political agenda. George Orwell warned us about this politrick.

RT @Sowellnomics: Destroying H&M stores and slaughtering sheep on Clifton Beach is exactly why I exited left-wing politics and became a conservative. The left love creating spectacles to feed their egos, but it brings no real change. It just reinforces negative stereotypes about black people.

RT @Sowellnomics: I have lost all respect for @FloydShivambu after our exchanges on Venezuela's failed economy. He is a political science graduate with no economic background, which explains his limited understanding of their economic issues. Economic illiteracy is why people became Communists.

Michael Waters (DA) retweeted @SiphNdlovu :

RT @SiphNdlovu: 1913: Apartheid regime excludes blacks, indians & coloureds from owning land. 2018: Economic Freedom Fighters votes to exclude blacks, indians, coloureds, & whites from owning land. Welcome to Marxist-Leninist Franconian styled rule South Africans.…

RT @Sowellnomics: I needed to see an opthalmologist so I made an appointment and paid cash as my medical savings was out. Under the NHI I won't be able to see a specialist on an ad hoc basis even if I pay out of my own pocket. This is why people risk their lives to flee socialist countries.

RT @Sowellnomics: Cyril is going to give Eskom a multi billion rand bailout and Moody's is going to reduce the country to junk status which will automatically remove South Africa from the Citi World Government Bond Index. This will force asset managers to sell billions of rands' worth of SA bonds.

RT @Sowellnomics: Lekota's claims that Ramaphosa sold his comrades out to the apartheid security forces to avoid being imprisoned on Robben Island should not shock you. Many ANC comrades colluded with the apartheid regime for protection and the promise of wealth. This is common knowledge.

RT @Sowellnomics: ANC politicians sell their souls for chicken wings, beer, cool drinks, whiskey and sex. Nowhere else in the world is it so easy to capture government officials and make mega money without the fear of prosecution. The ANC have turned the rainbow nation into the criminal nation.

RT @Sowellnomics: When I spoke against the proposed national minimum wage law I was called an exploiter and an enemy of the poor. A few months after it was implemented 34,000 domestics lost their jobs. The Socialists promise heaven but always end up delivering hell.…