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Shadow Minister for Tourism | MP for Johannesburg South | Democratic Alliance | National Assembly | Parliament of South Africa.

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Manny de Freitas (DA) retweeted @Our_DA :

RT @Our_DA: Police have flooded a local internet café with a water cannon in Buitenkant street while dispersing peaceful protesters calling on government to open up the hospitality sector. The computers and all other equipment inside the shop is now damaged. #ServeUsPlease #JobsSaveLives

RT @SaffaMate: 153 people have died from the corona virus in South Africa. We have the same amount of murders every 3 days. -Why are we deploying 70k soldiers? -Why are we giving the government complete control? -Why have we shut down our economy during a recession?

RT @OscarGee12: RT @OscarGee12: @MannydeFreitas @Our_DA Your 1% is unfortunately thousands of deaths

RT @Skaapchop: @MannydeFreitas @OscarGee12 @Our_DA It’s closer to 2.5%, not counting the MRC statistics of 11000 deaths above statistical norm (which makes 5%). 2ndly, 2.5% becomes 10% very quickly when hospitals get overrun - like in Spain, Italy, France, UK, Mexico, Ecuador, NY, Iran. Thirdly - even 1% is a VERY VERY BIG NUMBER

RT @OscarGee12: @Our_DA @MannydeFreitas While your only interest is on opening up business, people are dying out there. The only reason you don't treat this as serious as farm murders is because black people die- not whites.

RT @Leon_Schreib: Just staggering that so many people still don’t get - or simply deny - the devastation that this brutal lockdown is causing to lives and livelihoods with every passing day, in an economy that was already on its knees. It really does end with a whimper.

RT @MonnyRichards: #JohnSpeaksForMe because I need to get back to work in South Korea but the @GovernmentZA won't open the borders for us to leave. There are no jobs in SA. @DIRCO_ZA @Flo_Letoaba #lockdown #endlockdownsa #ENDLOCKDOWNNOW #JohnSteenhuisen

RT @Atlegangdlamini: What John Steenhuisen said was on point but unfortunately because his white a lot of South Africans won't agree with him sadly #Johnsteenhuisen

RT @BrentLindeque: I don’t even like the DA but I just watched John Steenhuisen’s address to the nation & I got proper goosies. Everything he says is so on point. It’s not the opposition party that is rising... it’s the people of South Africa! My only hope is that the government actually listen.

RT @Hilton31_Radebe: @bongane21278095 @tito_mboweni Please educate me a little... So after the lockdown rule is uplifted and the economy opened, what is going to happen moving forward? People then get sick and die, and we again blame the President? Please break it down for me.