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RT @JoshPDickinson: BREAKING: A leaked draft of a new South African Airways (SAA) Business Rescue Plan, prepared by Business Rescue Practitioners, reveals that government has agreed to a new R21 billion bailout for SAA.

RT @turing_1991: If you are seeing farm murders and you are still able to eat, it's time to do something about the problem. By the time you run out of food it will be too late.

RT @turing_1991: Collins Khoza was murdered in his own yard, for some beer left within the yard. The soldiers called for backup and took the beer outside the yard. This was not an accident, it was a premeditated act of evil and our govt endorses it.

RT @turing_1991: So if this govt was listening to scientists I could travel across provinces right now, I could buy cigarettes at the shop, sit at a restaurant. End this stupidity now.

RT @turing_1991: How childish do you have to be, to be in govt and not understand that govt prosperity is irrevocably linked to the success of the private sector?

RT @turing_1991: I wouldn't send my children to a school that doesn't allow racial jokes among the learners. We'll never get rid of racism like that. Don't underestimate the power of humour to destroy bad ideas and also humanise others. The more that kids can comfortably discuss race, the better.

RT @turing_1991: George Floyd, killed on the 25th, May 2020: All officers involved fired, one arrested. Collins Khoza, killed on the 10th, April 2020: All officers and soldiers were at work until a court ordered suspension WITH pay, more than a month later. No one arrested.

RT @turing_1991: “Nowhere under apartheid emergency regulations would we tolerate that kind of thing. In fact, the voices that spoke out against apartheid were largely about the abuse of soldiers,” Manuel said.…