All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @Unathi_Kwaza: Why is he reluctant to publicize it? Did he pay from his pocket to get it done? SA presidents always abuse their powers.

RT @ConCaracal: So 50 - 70 South African farmers murdered in a year is just "normal crime" but 21 transgenders murdered is an "epidemic"? Gotcha.

RT @keithlevenstein: Stella went to visit friends during lockdown level 5 and was suspended for 2 months without salary. Ace and friends broke lockdown rules and probably SANDF regulations. They've agreed to use ANC members' contributions to pay for the unlawful trip.

RT @alexrudi2: RT @alexrudi2: @robkowa Why a shitfest though? Whats wrong with gwens policies? They seem well thought out and its not maianes ANC lite

RT @SABreakingNews: Family fears learner who was bullied and assaulted may be suicidal: The family of a pupil who was beaten up by her schoolmates and had her underwear torn fears that she may be suicidal.

RT @JJ_Stellies: This is your moment in history, Mr President. You will either be remembered as the leader who stared down corrupt elements in your party, or the one who caved in to political expediency. My advice? Show some backbone. Choose the country over party.

RT @the_other_mj: Hey @Flo_Letoaba I'm a legal, tax-paying, employment-generating South African resident with nothing to apologise for, & #JohnSpeaksForMe too. I applaud anyone who asks questions, for if we remain silent we don't get answers. I applaud @jsteenhuisen & others like @advocateleopard

RT @SeanVolschenk: RT @SeanVolschenk: Need a hug @KhuselaS? I hear jail is a bitch this time of year... @PresidencyZA @CyrilRamaphosa

RT @chrishattingh3: RT @chrishattingh3: Worse effect than the ANC ???

RT @azwimawela: RT @azwimawela: I voted. Like other millions who voted for DA. DA run public funds better than any other party in this country. #JohnSpeaks…