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RT @NemonikSaid: RT @NemonikSaid: I am one of those South Africans John Steenhuisen is speaking for. ◽◽

RT @katsnowkat: 50 days confined in a one bedroom flat, with data issues and with little hope to finish the last year of my psychology degree by the end of 2020. #johnspeaksforme

RT @Reggiesetsumi: RT @Reggiesetsumi: Going into a second month without a salary , thousands losing jobs of course #JohnSpeaksForMe

RT @MonnyRichards: #JohnSpeaksForMe because I need to get back to work in South Korea but the @GovernmentZA won't open the borders for us to leave. There are no jobs in SA. @DIRCO_ZA @Flo_Letoaba #lockdown #endlockdownsa #ENDLOCKDOWNNOW #JohnSteenhuisen

RT @Salomienbotha: RT @Salomienbotha: Dear @Flo_Letoaba I need a permit to feed my hungry follow South Africans! Just to let you know #JohnSpeaksForMe

RT @BagDrop_sa: RT @BagDrop_sa: #JohnSpeaksForMe and my employees who have lost their jobs in the tourism industry.

RT @sibs_xhosa: #JohnSpeaksForMe Ngoba I can't do this online thing at home. They said they'd give us 30 hours of work a week and hayi that thing is 30 hours of work each day. Can we please go back to varsity? Or can res atleast be open Ma @FabAcademic 🥺🥺

RT @Nightspirit14: #johnspeaksforme unlike the racist ANCancer govt who only speaks for blacks. @JohnSteenkamp speaks FOR EVERY South African who is in poverty, for every SA whose basic human rights hve been ripped away whilst the govt has their coffers full! #enoughofthisbs

Juanita Terblanche (DA) retweeted @pmnel :

RT @pmnel: RT @pmnel: The current lockdown is irrational. #JohnSpeaksForMe not an idiot like @Flo_Letoaba

RT @CayForWater: @AshrafGarda @Flo_Letoaba @jsteenhuisen @Our_DA How disgusting of you to use your platform to divide. You are not living up to your bio "champion". #johnspeaksforme and many others of all ethnic groups who are on the brink of bankruptcy & all those that have already lost wages & salaries and desperately need food.