All deleted tweets from politicians

Dean Macpherson MP ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ


@Our_DA Member of Parliament. Shadow Minister for Trade and Industry. Constituency Head for North Durban, KZN

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I hear the hat and sock market is a bit crowded at the moment so maybe she may want to look at doing selling umbrellas and raincoats?

Weโ€™re in the ace in the hole ;) @NicoleGraham031

RT @NeleReal_Zuma: Lekota has a valid point on the issue of land without compensation #Sona18Debabte

@AtholT Thanks Athol, means a great deal to me!

DA lays criminal charges against Gupta-linked companiesโ€ฆ

Someone really great ideas from @MmusiMaimane on how we can make agriculture a stand-out sector for economic growth and employmentโ€ฆ

BEE scandal at Eskom exposed: Fake certificates dished-out to Guptasโ€ฆ

Hi @BladeNzimandeMP. Was this your view when โ€˜other African countriesโ€™ we assist to solving South Africaโ€™s apartheid problem?

@HhMkhaliphi @Richard_Spoor Weird because stats show that more black people are imigrating than white people. Try another one.

I wonder if it crossed his mind that while he has lunch in Zimbabwe to remember a dictator and tyrant, thousands of Zimbabweans canโ€™t because of the distraction brought to that country by Robert Mugabe.