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Dean Macpherson MP ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ


@Our_DA MP. Shadow Minister for Trade & Industry. Whip in Parliament. Advisory Board Member to @SAChamberUK. Constituency Head for North Durban, KZN

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RT @elonmusk: RT @elonmusk: Open your eyes, look up to the skies

RT @Siviwe_G: Over 200 DA public representatives in a local government manifesto workshop today. #COVID19 has taken away so much but it has also provided great opportunities to innovate. 7 hours later, at no travel costs, workshop will be concluded with great inputs from colleagues ๐Ÿค“

A historic day for the Democratic Alliance as the Federal Council with 220 participants meets to consider its local government offering for the 2021 elections. Very proud to be a part of this team taking the party forwards inspire of the challenges facing our country.

RT @Siviwe_G: In @ParliamentofRSA for an oral question session of the social cluster. I have questions to pose to the Minister of Health, Dr Mkhize on matters relating to #Covid19SA. This is the first sitting of Parly which is hybrid of a virtual sitting and those who are able to be here.

Covid-19: Critic claims ministers are 'in civil war' over lockdownโ€ฆ

Dean Macpherson (DA) retweeted @LSikakane :

RT @LSikakane: RT @LSikakane: Politics aside, this image is ICONIC in many ways. Feel proud to be SAn. A place where all things are possibleโ€ฆ

You can go to church but you canโ€™t go to your hairdresser? There is just no rationale to ban personal care services from opening now.

You can go to church but you canโ€™t go to your hairdresser?

RT @Our_DA: We strongly believe that Governmentโ€™s reason for not allowing comment and participation is that it will expose the extent of public disgruntlement and frustration with Governmentโ€™s current unsubstantiated and thumb-suck โ€œlegislativeโ€ process. _ @DeanMacpherson #Day61OfLockDown

RT @JasonHalfon: @DeanMacpherson The egg remains on governments face - she has a track record of integrity and speaking in defiance of the government when they were proven to be wrong. Strength to her, and others alike in her field in SA.