All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @AndrewYang: It’s possible to acknowledge the Chinese government’s role in stifling early info and worsening the coronavirus crisis without being racist about it.

RT @Gary22k: There. Is. No. Vaccine. We will not be saved by a vaccine at this point. Right now we need to follow the Prez Dear @PresidencyZA @HealthZA @DrZweliMkhize ur regulations cover this type of fake information. It’s time to ask the good mayor to STOP or to test “intent to deceive”?…

RT @mynameisjerm: RT @mynameisjerm: Because the government doesn't care about the people.…

Cameron MacKenzie MP (DA) tweeted :

"#Chinese authorities have weaponized visas against the foreign press by issuing truncated press credentials and expelling journalists thru non-renewal." Anyone who values freedoms and freedom of the press most of all, should read this thread. And these are our #BRICS 'partners'!

Cameron MacKenzie MP (DA) tweeted :

So this scammer clones the photo and identity of my colleague James Lorimer - and gets follows from me and several colleagues too. Then messages me...had me fooled too for about two messages. @TwitterSupport is it really that easy to use your platform for criminal purposes?

RT @SAfricanism: RT @SAfricanism: #EFF members busted releasing fake pictures at #EFF ManifestoLaunch @MmusiMaimane @Julius_S_Malema…

@Mmaps_ThePro @Julius_S_Malema @uLerato_pillay @NalediChirwa The blank stare of #bots exposed. Well done!