All deleted tweets from politicians

DA member of parliament, mother, wife and committed South African. Serve on agriculture and land portfolio. Lets do this 🤛

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Annette Steyn (DA) retweeted @pierredevos :

RT @pierredevos: RT @pierredevos: Collins Khosa: Defence ministers skop, skiet and donder comments taken out of context, court hears……

RT @AnnetteSteyn1: @PresidencyZA Wake up, Mr President. Speak up for farmers! Two farm murders in one day, again. One in Limpopo and one In Eastern Cape yesterday. The fact that one was on a black foreman and the other was on a white farmer, makes no difference.

RT @MichaelJordaan: RT @MichaelJordaan: Global Deaths Due to Various Causes and COVID-19…

Annette Steyn (DA) retweeted @KeithMutch :

RT @KeithMutch: RT @KeithMutch: Once upon a time in South Africa, a man raped a girl then took a shower... South Africa voted for that man to become presid…

RT @dorothyblack: Women abuse happens in many forms MEC. Worth thinking about when you're shouting at your women employees to be 'thankful' they have a job, that you've 'empowered them' and that they're problematic for challenging your disregard for protocol.…

Annette Steyn (DA) retweeted @gavmat1 :

RT @gavmat1: Mzwayi Zuma, winner of @GrainSA subsistence farmer of the year competition this year with his fert seed and chemicals. Ready for the season.

Annette Steyn (DA) retweeted @gavmat1 :

RT @gavmat1: @GrainSA #subsistence farmers receiving their fertilizer in Giant's Castle area as part of the #jobsfund 1hectare project.

Annette Steyn (DA) retweeted @pierredevos :

RT @pierredevos: @Roland_Williams @alanwinde @PresidencyZA @SAPoliceService @GenBheki_Cele @DrZweliMkhize They have not "lifted" a ban as there was no ban. Or, there is no legal certainty whether there is a ban. What we have is a regulation that "basic goods" can be sold. No definition of what constitutes basic goods. So different officials interpreting this concept differently.