All deleted tweets from politicians

Previously clinical psychologist / DP-DA politician, now private citizen.

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@landless_thief @kalliekriel @NelsonMandela @SAHRCommission Overvaal Hoërskool Jan 2018, where parents had to for private security to protect property and lives as SAPS just observed. I remember and we’re still waiting for action.

Anchen Dreyer (DA) retweeted @johnbrand11 :

RT @johnbrand11: The attached exchange of email between the litigants here is very instructive. Would Nelson Mandela have accepted independ…

Anchen Dreyer (DA) replied to @RyanCoetzee :

@RyanCoetzee As someone famous once said, “a mine is just some land with a deep hole in it” - useless unless you work it!

Anchen Dreyer (DA) replied to @helenzille :

@helenzille Careful, it may be another good thing of our colonial heritage 😉 but I love them too.

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RT @ErnstRoets: Ek en my gesin was vandag amper in ‘n ongeluk op die bergpas tussen Pelgrimsrus en Graskop toe hierdie meneer skielik van v…

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RT @fleroux13: @GhalebCachalia @GwenNgwenya Shall we first ascertain that objectively, racism has been displayed? Only then can the rest of…

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RT @waldimar: Dear DA critics: Please do some introspection about your contribution to the DA's loss of 470,000 votes instead of constantly…

Anchen Dreyer (DA) replied to @moniqi2 :

@moniqi2 @adv_albert You mean tolerant like the English? Like when they colonised most of the world? And letting tens of thousands of women and children die in concentration camps? I get the superiority.

Anchen Dreyer (DA) replied to @helenzille :

@helenzille I was also pleasantly surprised by his latest article. It shows people can and do change their minds. And it is the job of politicians to help them along that process.

Anchen Dreyer (DA) replied to @john_airey :

@john_airey @ANC_newsbrief Gerhard Koornhof, MP from NP, UDM, ANC; he is CR’s little helper.