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Conservative Member of Parliament For Poole Re-Elected with 19,116 majority

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RT @DrGABaines: RT @DrGABaines: 80% of patients admitted to intensive care with Covid now survive. 98% of people admitted to hospital with Covid survive.

RT @DrGABaines: The incidence rate for Liverpool in the week to 10 Oct was 635 per 100,000, in Cornwall it was 3. Where’s the sense in a full scale national lockdown that Labour are calling for?

RT @manydaleysmiles: Reason for smashing T&Cs and reducing your pay by 50% is because ‘It’s gonna take years to get back to pre-COVID19 levels of air travel.’. Oh, hang on, this is T5 this morning. Very busy. BA b reasonable don’t #BAbetrayal don’t b #NationalDisgrace don’t #fireandrehire

RT @AndrewBowie_MP: RT @AndrewBowie_MP: 100% this. ◽

RT @reporterboy: RT @reporterboy: This whole the last leaver has gone thing a bit pointless. 52% of the electorate are still there. Get over, get up…

RT @rowena_kay: What a complete mess. The data is based on potentially just two positive people being in a venue within a week of each other. And it doesn't seem to have occured that people legally banned from home visits will not tell track and trace about home visits.

RT @richardintheuk: RT @richardintheuk: @DesmondSwayne Absolutely right. Pleased to see the OB tie too.

RT @MrHarryCole: LORD SUMPTION: New lockdown measures are ‘unjust and insane’ and we are ‘doubling down on failure’…

RT @DrGABaines: Demonisation of hospitality needs to stop: 97 outbreaks occurred in restaurants or food outlets (135,848 of them in the UK) 357 outbreaks in educational facilities 508 in care homes 329 in workplaces