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Fortis et Liber. Canadian Member of Parliament. Vice Chair of the Health Committee. Wife of a US Army combat veteran. Shadow Minister for Health.

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@wef Would be interesting to see these curves after building in American vaccine distribution numbers (I don’t think these were factored into the graph posted in your tweet?), which appear to have the potential to be truely remarkable.…

Everyone in Calgary:

Happy to be on as a guest today - even if it’s at 6am Calgary time! #needcoffee

RT @GlenMotz: RT @GlenMotz: It is time for a better COVID strategy. MP @MichelleRempel is exactly right. Have a read:

RT @miss_lewis87: @MichelleRempel your face during that CBC interview re: vaccines for Canadians was pure GOLD 🙌🏼👌🏼😍😂 We all felt the exact same 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #cringe #COVID19Canada

RT @KentThornhillMP: More than 70 percent of Canadian small businesses are pleading for the government to pause a planned increase in payroll taxes, particularly the CPP, at the beginning of the new year. The Minister of Small Business offers talking points…not critically needed relief.

At health committee, Health Canada officials and Trudeau’s health minister say that provincial victims dose numbers announced by Ontario and Alberta are not accurate and that they haven’t decided how many doses provinces get, and don’t disclose distribution criteria.

RT @Karen88775: @DanAlbas thanks for fighting for the release of the carbon tax numbers. Why won’t the Liberals release them - what are they hiding?…