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Memeber of Parliament (Ret) Proud to have served as a 🇨🇦 MP for almost 16 years

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For a number of reasons it has taken too long to get this sawmill operational but I was glad today to install the engine on the sawdeck- one of the lady steps in the process. Looking forward to milling our own lumber soon! ⁦@OutdoorMaveric1⁩

RT @RyderPhoto: Rib judging complete @OCanadaRibfest Gary Ewert, Hal Bushey & Christina Birmingham two of the founding visionaries for Waterdown’s Ribfest's 10th Anniversary! #Waterdwon #Ribfest #HamOnt

RT @muyixiao: .@UyghurProject and @hrcberkeley first highlighted this issue to us. Companies in the labor transfer program are often in labor-intensive industries, so they asked: is the growing and labor-intensive P.P.E. manufacturing also using Uighur workers?

RT @RyanHastman: Door knocking in Calgary Shepard for my friend @tomkmiec and he’s more popular than ice cream, or puppies. Or orange slices at little league soccer…. Or. Help me out. What’s a pun for VERY popular? #elexn44

RT @Sandra_Freedman: Thank you to brave men and women who have served, and continue to serve, our country. We are indebted to your sacrifices. #CanadaRemembers

RT @jonkay: RT @jonkay: By comparison, the average daily Canadian death toll from COVID-19 over the last week is 13.

RT @CanadianForces: Five years ago, our 13-year mission in Afghanistan came to an end. More than 40,000 CAF members deployed; 158 didn’t return home. Thank you to @TheTrews for helping us honour all who served and sacrificed. #CanadaRemembers

RT @Liz_Arvanitis: RT @Liz_Arvanitis: Happy to see the ever so enthusiastic Esther Pauls as the torch bearer with @DavidSweetMP in Waterdown. #PanAmGames http…

RT @NadiaMuradBasee: Grateful to @MichelleRempel who stated today's motion & relentlessly fought for it. Also grateful to Honorable @RonaAmbrose for her support.

RT @danmuys: remember the big three are money, sex and power. Power in this case is political gain. To do it for any of these reasons is equally reprehensible.…