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Member of Parliament Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo. Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources (Forestry & Mining)

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RT @chrystinajames: My mom is a nurse. On Sunday, she took care of patients without appropriate PPE. Today, after days of fevers to 103, cough, and dyspnea, she tested COVID+. This is not okay. We shouldn’t have to accept this. We deserve better.

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Great to have parents who are technologically savvy. FaceTime is a nice way to connected #COVID19 #socialconnection

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: Ottawa faces criticism for sending 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China in February…

@Lawsome_ Think of all the money we are saving on nylons :)

RT @PierrePoilievre: @Bill_Morneau Thank you for sharing an advanced copy of the COVID-21 economic bill with opposition. We will study tonight/tomorrow. We respectfully ask you give a copy to the Parliamentary Budget Officer tonight, so he can brief us on it BEFORE we address it in the House on Tues

RT @SeanSilcoff: Business leaders press Ottawa to pay wage subsidies to avoid mass layoffs and "freeze the economy," as Denmark, UK are attempting to do /via @globeandmail…

This is good news for a number from our riding #COVID19 Remember if you are still abroad make sure you register

RT @angusreidorg: RT @angusreidorg: Are you social distancing yet? Most Canadians are on board:…

No #COVID2019 in the Territory’s. The medical transport teams are staying in isolation between flights to protect patients and community. Thank you to all and proud of my son. #Nursing