All deleted tweets from politicians

Federal Labor Member for McEwen Authorised by R.Mitchell E00-48 340 Craigieburn Rd Craigieburn 3064

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RT @Luke_FoleyNSW: I've postponed so I can deliver eulogy at Kathy Smith funeral today. The Liberals should close this account run by their NSW Govt staffers…

As a loyal Ford fan Im saddened by seeing the end of the Holden brand and the loss of skilled jobs that the closure brings. If only Holden could have powered its cars by coal. #welldonehockey

RT @DoogieHare: RT @DoogieHare: Show some leadership @TurnbullMalcolm and ban foreign donations and fix transparency it's a joke #auspol cc @RobMitchellMP

RT @AdemSomyurek: You're a good man Andrew I salute your commitment to the cause of eradicating racism I agree we must never normalise racism in any of its forms from anti-semitism to Islamophobia I heed your call to arms on this issue I know u will stand with me on this issue in the coming days

@Robson70001 @SirWonderLlama Wouldn’t be surprised. It is the ethics free Nats

@Peter_Fitz Barnaby is about Barnaby. Happy to burn the village down to get what he wants.

Leadership The question is…

RT @Rowans_Graffiti: RT @Rowans_Graffiti: Again we see the demonisation in #QT

RT @FightingTories: RT @FightingTories: @RobMitchellMP Why is Brough stood down during an inquiry, but Robert is not #qt

RT @FightingTories: Fact: This guy tried to cut newstart from young people First time he wanted a six month wait before young people could get newstart Then he threatened to NOT fund NDIS unless the senate stopped young people getting newstart $528 to youth allowance of $437……