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Shadow Minister for Cities, Multicultural Affairs, Assisting Immigration | Authorised A Giles, ALP, Shop 23, 314-360 Childs Road, Mill Park, VIC

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RT @briannatravers: Some good news: Two Victorian healthcare workers who were last week in ICU fighting coronavirus are now in stable conditions. One was a doctor aged in her 30s and the other a radiographer. Northern health have confirmed both patients are today stable. @theheraldsun

Along with @Susie_Byers, I’ve attempted to draw out these principles into a framework for a stronger Party. To start a debate that every member should be able to contribute to. In which every Labor voice is valued.…

That has a deep connection with unions and their members. That works to increase the diversity of its members and supporters, recognising and seeking to overcome all barriers to participation.

That is open, inclusive and transparent. That values and encourages activism, ideas and debate, through prioritising membership development and engagement. That recognises that different people bring different interests, priorities and skills to their involvement.

Some thoughts on reforming Victorian Labor. This has to start with principles - like these. We believe that Victorian Labor should be: A party of integrity, which lives its values and recognises its responsibilities to all those people who depend on Labor governments.

I’m hearing there will be a very high number of cases reported today: 723. But we can’t give in to despair. We have to stay the course. We know what we need to do, to get through this and to support those working so hard on the front line. And we have to support each other.

Wonderful to catch up over soon with Scullin @AustralianLabor branch executives, hear how they’ve been connecting with members and discuss how we can keeping engaging the community through lockdown. Thanks comrades!

RT @kaydisme: RT @kaydisme: Full House @VTHC with @andrewjgiles @vanbadham @keeliafitz talking work & young peeps (<30....ouch) #ausvotes…

This shocking.

RT @mrseankelly: Just as we have learned to recognise dog-whistling when we hear it, we must remain alert to the way the phrase ‘cancel culture’ is being weaponised in our own moment. Latest from me.…