All deleted tweets from politicians

Labor Member for Gellibrand, Shadow Asst Minister for Communications & Cybersecurity. Authorised: Tim Watts, 97 Geelong Rd, #Footscray.

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RT @DrBenjaminJones: The worst possible outcome is if we shrug and accept that this extreme pork barrelling is just part of politics. The media in particular must keep calling this out.

RT @mims: RT @mims: the hottest thing in alt finance is possibly a madoff scale ponzi, nbd…

RT @mims: Long, totally amazing thread by CSO of Facebook feels like the company's first real answer to all the recent coverage / opinion pieces…

RT @danilic: - @greg_sheridan just slammed the ABC by assuming that @timminchin 's Pell song was an @ABCTV production. It wasn't. It was a self produced charity song that paid for victims of abuse to face their abuser. Get your facts straight before going on @InsidersABC #insiders

RT @MsLods: OAIC needs funding to properly conduct the oversight role re the "COVIDSafe" contact tracing app. ALP calling for 3 standalone commissioners (as was intended):… #privacy #auslaw

RT @shalailah: A couple of notes on this: youth unemployment has been trending upwards for the last few months, and is now nearly 18% (seasonally adjusted). According to estimates figures, JobsPaTH has not met its own target of 120,000 jobs created.

RT @pwnallthethings: RT @pwnallthethings: Glad to see @FBI really pushing 2 factor auth for web logins. Good reference.…

RT @pwnallthethings: Took about ~25 minutes from WL posting "part 5" emails before 4Chan had found Podesta's Apple creds and logged in for first time fyi.

RT @pwnallthethings: The Podesta phishing email chain. But FTR, the fault here is entirely with DNC IT dept's bad internal security process, not junior IT staff