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Belling the cat....…

RT @HQ_1Bde: Did you know that during the Second World War, Darwin was bombed in more than 50 air raids? Tomorrow marks 78 years since the Bombing of Darwin. Take a look at images of the damage caused during the Bombing of Darwin, and of soldiers commemorating in years past.

RT @NarangVipin: The entire long piece on Xinjiang by ⁦@austinramzy⁩ is worth a read. Among a plethora of disturbing detail, this is one that sort of caught my eye: who and how the documents were leaked. This suggests internal political divisions in the CCP blowing open. Big deal @fravel?

RT @DavidDeex: Really @Greens please reverse the decision to preference CLP and far-right ahead of NT Labor. I’m a Greens member and this damages our movement.

RT @vanbadham: The Greens have literally preferenced the Liberals and quasi-fascists above a good, trade union Labor man. I hate to say I told you so, but, let’s face it: I did. The greens are uninterested in keeping Tories out of power. They are not a left-wing party. #auspol

RT @USMC: Battle of Guadalcanal This month marks 77 years since the Battle of Guadalcanal ended. The courageous efforts by the Marines on the island ensured control of what would later be known as Henderson Airfield and contributed greatly to the essential victory.

RT @AOCarr: RT @AOCarr: I don't know how Australia's strategic policy changes in the age of Trump. But I do know we need to learn to debate https://t.…

RT @AOCarr: Finding the path to security for Australia doesn’t require a big new White Paper, but small groups willing to think differently: - My new post for @ASPI_org

RT @AOCarr: The aesthetic preference for "Grand Strategy" is one of the biggest acts of intellectual hubris and error of our time.…

@matthewtbeard I wasn’t attacking anyone! Just a suggestion about where to find the evidence, that’s all.