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Jack's dad. Louise's husband. MP. Cricket Tragic. Pearl Jam fan. Star Wars kid. Authorised by Jason Clare ALP Canberra

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After: ➡️ $51 billion, and ➡️ 7 years of Liberal Lies It turns out fibre was better and cheaper than the Liberal’s 2nd rate copper #NBN all along 🤦🏻

Remember this.... In the last 7 years the Liberals have bought and installed 50,000kms of copper cable. Enough to wrap around the world 🌎 and then some. What a bloody waste of taxpayers’ money💰 #auspol

RT @10NewsFirstSyd: It's been revealed the federal government bought land at 10 times its value for the Western Sydney Airport. The auditor-general says the government failed its due diligence when it bought from a company with a history of donating to the Liberal party. #auspol | @LiaJHarris

Well past time we had a Federal ICAC ◽

Well past time we had a Federal ICAC

More problems with #HomeBlunder Great at slogans, hopeless at delivery…

Important speech today. Regional Australia has been smashed by this recession. In Canberra there are 4 unemployed people for every job advertised. In parts of Regional Australia there are up to 60 unemployed people for every job available.…

I still remember the day my dad came home and said he had lost his job. The fear in his face. More than a million Australians are feeling that pain at the moment. Recessions = pain.

More than 300 Australians in aged care are now dead. This Minister should be sacked. #auspol

COVID-19 ALERT - Bankstown…