All deleted tweets from politicians

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development. Authorised by Catherine King, Australian Labor Party, Canberra.

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RT @AlboMP: It was worth $3 million. They paid $30 million. And the Deputy Prime Minister is still trying to tell us that it was a good investment. Someone tell him he's dreaming.

RT @SenatorWong: Why did the Morrison Government pay 10x its own valuation for the Leppington triangle land connected to the Western Sydney airport? #Estimates

Nobody knows trains like the @AustRail. Great to get their tick of approval on our plan to make trains for Australians, in Australia.

Nobody knows trains like the Australasian Railway Association. Great to get their tick of approval on our plan to make trains for Australians, in Australia.

RT @MichaelPascoe01: 40 ships missing off Sydney! “I cannot have Australians who need what's on those ships being held on those ships, 40 of them out there. You can go down to Port Botany or down to Kurnell and have a look out there and you can see them lining up,” PM Morrison claimed today.

Ministers can run from scrutiny and blame the department all they want, but the buck stops with them.

RT @SParnis: A month ago, my team's reaction was sombre. Now, the daily #COVID19Vic data brings confidence & pride. For months, being from #Melbourne carried stigma. As we contend with #Lockdown2 fatigue, let's focus on what we're achieving, & wear our address as a badge of honour. #auspol

Australian workers build some of the best trains in they world. If anyone in the Coalition doubts that they should visit workers in Ballarat, Bendigo, Maryborough, Dandenong, Newcastle or Perth and see it for themselves.

RT @ChairBRV: Across Vic we have some of the most beautiful places to visit. Over 4 weeks, I’ve seen a lot of them – travelling 3,800 kms to visit 14 communities. It’s great to see 215 businesses pledge to visit these communities. Open for business – a big step in the #recovery process.