All deleted tweets from politicians

Leader of the Australian Labor Party, MP for Grayndler, Rabbitohs Life Member. All content authorised by Anthony Albanese, ALP, Canberra.

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Older Australians deserve nothing less than dignity and respect. A Labor Government will give it to them.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the last Holden rolling off the Elizabeth assembly line in Adelaide. After the devastation of The Second World War, Chifley knew that manufacturing was a way to get Australians back to work and to drive the economy forward.

Today we face another crisis. Another opportunity to rebuild our country. Powered by abundant renewable energy, we can make buses, trains, trams and ferries. We can make everything from batteries and solar panels to medicines and prostheses.

A Labor Government wants a future made in Australia. One with well-paying, secure jobs. One where working full time means a good life for you and your family.

Labor has a plan for a future made in Australia:…

We used to make things in Australia. With some vision and a change of government, we can do it again.

Australia can and should be a country that makes things. This is a photo from a time when Australia made cars. Before the Liberals dared the car industry to leave. It’s a photo of former Labor Prime Minister Ben Chifley as the first Holden rolls off the production line.

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