All deleted tweets from politicians

Senator for Queensland. Lives in Cairns 🌴Lives for The Matildas ⚽️ Proud AMWU Member ✊ Wife to my wife 🏳️‍🌈 All content authorised by N Green, ALP Canberra

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@petajan One hundred percent. We also have an AFP office. I’m told they have similar facilities. Townsville barracks down the road. And are all the VIP planes is use? They couldn’t send a replacement? Something not right here.

RT @nitagreenqld: The PM is in Townsville right now talking about Copper String. The Federal Government provided an undisclosed amount of funding to take the project to a financial decision. Not to build it. So there’s still a way to go on this. #auspol

Labor’s Women’s Budget Statement 2020 delivered by @AlboMP and some @SenKatyG and @JulieCollinsMP Women have been left behind by this Government during our deepest economic recession. #crediblewomen

I’m going to speaking soon in the Senate on the Higher Education, I’ll be sharing stories of regional students like Emily and also my own story. First in my family to go to university, under this Bill today I wouldn’t have had that opportunity.

RT @AnthonyChisholm: The LNP & Greens are voting together in the Senate right now to oppose this motion. The LNP preference decisions are a recipe for chaos in QLD at this election.

RT @CliveFPalmer: Ghost of Bill Shorten and Bob Brown still alive Together with Queensland Senator Matt Canavan, I will address a rally in Clermont this Saturday, October 10.

Hey baby what’s happening!? #BacheloretteAU

LNP Senator Rennick in particular spoke over them witnesses, cherry-picking data. How badly do you have to do your job for someone to say this... “It is a shameless misuse of the parliamentary process by elected public officials paid by us to exercise their responsibility to us”

RT @nitagreenqld: This is an extraordinary response to very ordinary behaviour by Government and One Nation Senators during an inquiry about reef science. They went into hearings with their own agenda: to discredit the science behind the Qld Government’s reef regulations.…

The Govt has been talking about manufacturing like it is a buzz word. Well here’s a plan on how to create more manufacturing jobs. Still no plans from Government.