All deleted tweets from politicians

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When Mum was finally able to escape the family home we spent our first few nights in a Caravan park. We were lucky we could afford that. Building homes for women and children fleeing domestic and family violence will be life changing. Thanks for listening @AlboMP #Budget2021

Liberal MP Warren Entsch said of the man who masturbated on the desk of a female MP, "He was stupid, he should get a kick up the arse for what he did ... but I think he deserves his job". #Auspol

RT @MikeKeegan_DM: EXCLUSIVE: Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson has called an emergency meeting of the Premier League captains to discuss a response to ESL. More @MailSport shortly.

RT @bennpackham: #PNG is suspending the rollout of Australian-supplied AstraZeneca vaccines following Australia’s decision not to give it to under 50s. This decision will severely undermine vaccine confidence in the developing world, including places where COVID is rife.

Spare a thought for tourism operators when they hear this news. A return to normal incl. international travel is hanging on the success of the vaccine rollout out. Even with a bubble or two, i Australian’s vaccine rate is left behind they could be left behind too. #auspol

Thinking about those thousands of businesses, mum and dad operators and workers who will be sleeping uneasy tonight knowing tomorrow JobKeeper ends today despite the tourism industry being far from recovered. They’ve been told to ‘hope’ but there’s not much of that left. #auspoI

When JobKeeper ends - jobs in places like Far North Queensland will go. The Morrison Government knows this. But nothing in their press releases and photo ops will guarantee local jobs. The know this too. Yet they are still prepared to leave regional Qlders behind. #auspol

In 10 days more than 8,000 workers in Cairns will lose JobKeeper while international tourism remains grounded. The Government can themselves a big pat on the back if they want, but regional Queenslander know they are being left behind. #auspol

RT @Tony_Burke: They did it. Pauline Hanson, the Liberals and the Nats all vote together to delete every penalty for wage theft. They just let employers who deliberately underpay off the hook. Thanks to them there are no federal penalties for wage theft. #auspol

The Morrison Government have know for months that support would be needed post JobKeeper but they haven't been able to give workers any certainty. Jobs have been lost on this Government's watch.