All deleted tweets from politicians

Accidental former Canadian, Australian Greens Leader in the Senate, Co-Deputy Leader and Senator for Queensland. Authorised by L.Waters, The Greens, Brisbane.

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We need to: 👩‍⚕️ Increase jobs in the care economy 💵 Raise pay in predominantly female industries that have been crucial to our Covid survival 🤝 Properly fund FDV services + don’t make women have to withdraw super to escape violence 👩‍🍼Make childcare free

My response to the Finance and Public Administration Committee's report on the Greens Parliamentary Standards Bill.

RT @Scottludlam: a love letter from 2029: something new from me, as part of the bleed festival's assembly for the future. pass it on.…

Omg this Reef water science inquiry is now at parody levels. Sen Roberts is asking how the peer review process works for scientific papers, because that’s his chosen use of witness time. To the witnesses: I apologise. Get your “UN conspiracy!” bingo cards ready folks. #auspol

RT @AdamBandt: The extended scheme is still $44 billion under budget and there is no excuse for this targeted attack. We should be expanding the payment to all workers who need it, not cutting it.

RT @DavidSharaz: Sky News Political Editor @aclennell understands Bridget Mckenzie is being pushed to resign. His sources tell him she will go as early as tomorrow afternoon. #auspol

RT @StefArmbruster: Peaceful protest #Day6 by #refugees at Brisbane's Kangaroo Point Central Hotel detention centre over #COVID19 infection fears. Video supplied. #coronavirus #auspol #qldpol #KP #APOD #Manus #Nauru #humanrights | @SBSNews

RT @ABC_NewsRadio: RT @ABC_NewsRadio: The Green's @PennyWrites to leave politics. @mariusbenson speaks to @SenatorLudlam (audio) -

RT @ABC_NewsRadio: RT @ABC_NewsRadio: Australia now at the back of the pack in terms of climate ambition: @Greens Senator @larissawaters #auspol…

RT @JamieTravers: @SBSNews This came off the back of Greens Senator @larissawaters referencing an interview on @RNBreakfast with A-G Christian Porter. Waters wanted to know if the ANAO could refer Bridget McKenzie as former Sports Minister to the proposed Integrity Commission. Here's what Porter said 👇