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Labor Senator for New South Wales All content authorised by T Ayres, Australian Labor Party, Canberra.

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RT @williamslachlan: Hey folks just checked out national vaccination plan from Feb and have some great news. As long as we have not *massively* screwed up 80 percent of the country is now double vaxxed!

RT @GrogsGamut: Let's have a look at the median size of men's and women's super... and then ask yourself what type of govt would suggest the *victim* of DV should have to raid their super...

RT @SaintFrankly: Humiliating for a country as wealthy as Australia has elected officials forced to beg for vaccine like @BradHazzard is having to do. He should never have been put in this position. It’s hard to overstate the level of incompetence @ScottMorrisonMP govt. #auspoI #VaccineStrollout

RT @williamslachlan: RT @williamslachlan: I also would like the lockdown to end, which is why I'm not gathering in large group with no mask yelling things

Really clear how important a commitment to net zero is to our Pacific neighbours - and how welcome President Biden’s shift in IS policy is in our region.

RT @larissaandelman: When asked on principle whether organisations should have as many women in leadership roles, only 50% of men agreed 🤦🏽‍♀️🤯…

RT @DavidOByrneMP: I am humbled by the support of rank & file members of the Labor party in the leadership ballot. It’s an honour and I do not take the job lightly. We have much work to do. Labor at our best builds a stronger future and leaves nobody behind, Tas needs us to be at our best #politas

RT @conorduffynews: Exclusive: Independent SA Senator Rex Patrick has told me there’s no way he’ll vote for the government’s university reforms. That narrows the path through the upper house to his former colleague Centre Alliance’s Senator Griff or Senator Jacqui Lambie #auspol #highered @abcnews