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Proud Canberran, mother of three, dog lover & Labor Senator for the ACT

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RT @leighsales: RT @leighsales: This story was so moving, it was hard to present after it.…

It certainly doesn’t seem to hurt to be mates with the Morrison Government #accountability #transparecy…

RT @murpharoo: .@SenatorSiewert @SenKatyG – if the Victorian government provides this information, why won't Commonwealth officials?

Why won’t the Morrison Government tell Australians when the Chief Medical Officer & AHPPC first briefed the Health Minister, the Cabinet and the National Cabinet? Simple questions which deserve simple answers. #covidcommittee #transparency #accountability #auspol

The Department of Health has spent $700m on consultants since 2013 – while at the same time the Morrison Liberals were cutting the number of jobs. We need a well-resourced APS to meet challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. News article 👉

Deficits for the next 10yrs and net debt to be $500b to $620b higher over the same time according to new report from the Parliamentary Budget Office. #auspol…

Yesterday at the #COVIDcommittee we learned that 117,500 Australians have had their super accounts completely drained from the super early access scheme. This will have devastating effects on their retirement incomes. #auspol

The Senate Committee will be holding two hearings this week. Here’s what to expect. Stay tuned for updates. #auspol #COVID19Aus

The Senate Committee learned that Nev Power the Chairmen of the COVID-19 commission will be paid $500k which he can use to fuel his private plane yet a casual worker who has been in their job for 11 months isn’t eligible for JobKeeper.

On the eve of the APS’ busiest crisis, Services Australia lost 448 jobs and the ATO lost 398 in just six months – continuing this Government’s record of cuts to the public service over six years. #aps #canberra #auspol