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Shortland MP, Shadow Minister for International Development & the Pacific, Shadow Minister Assisting for Climate Change, Shadow Minister Assisting for Defence

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@Matt_Warren_Oz @OfKember That’s incorrect, we said we’d deliver the 50% renewables through the NEG which when done properly has a reliability aspect. If the NEG failed we going to do something like CfD. All complemented by a $5bn transmission fund supporting the AEMO ISP.

@mumdaze So that excuses the Greens preferencing denialists?

Pat Conroy MP (australia) tweeted :

That is wrong. @AlboMP made the point that unless govt members cross the floor private members bills don’t get debated, let alone voted on. This is what happened when Labor moved our climate motion last year.

RT @grhutchens: RT @grhutchens: Scathing piece by Port of Newcastle GM RT Federal bankrolling of Adani will damage other Aust coal regions…

RT @serftoeconomist: RT @serftoeconomist: #Fairfax analysis shows economic activity is shrinking in #Hunter seats under this #LNP Government - #JobsandGrowth? h…

@GrogsGamut When a senator lies about labor taking action on climate change I will call them out. You can have policy differences but surely you don’t support a complete rewriting of history?

Pat Conroy MP (australia) tweeted :

By your own logic you are a selfish coward @jordansteele You & the rest of the Greens teamed up with Tony Abbott & Barnaby Joyce to vote down our best chance of action on climate change. Your party has sacrificed the environment to further your short term political interests.

@KetanJ0 @mcannonbrookes That’s incorrect. We supply 4.6% of global thermal coal.

RT @LaborHerald: RT @LaborHerald: Of course the Liberals' words don't match their actions...

@minkelCT @MarieCo92176893 That’s incorrect Carol. There are no FIFO workers in Hunter coal mines (happy to hear of exceptions if people know of any). The workers live in our community & earn this wage doing a very tough job.