All deleted tweets from politicians

Federal Member for Deakin & Assistant Minister to the Treasurer | Authorised by Michael Sukkar MP, Liberal Party of Australia, Mitcham, VIC

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RT @MathiasCormann: People can’t trust Bill Shorten. He told people Labor had ‘delivered’ a surplus before. They hadn’t. They haven’t since 1989. #ShiftyBill #budgetreply18

RT @MathiasCormann: Bill Shorten does not have a single policy to strengthen our economy and create jobs. He only has a long list of tax grabs. #shiftybill #budgetreply18

RT @MathiasCormann: When Chris Bowen was last Treasurer in a Labor Govt, the economy was weakening, unemployment was rising and the Budget deteriorated by $3bn a week. Our plan for a stronger economy, more jobs & a sustainable Budget is working. Let’s not go back to a bad past we left behind. #npc

RT @MathiasCormann: Bill Shorten is like a gambler chasing his losses. He lost three seats because his rolled gold guarantee was worthless. Now under internal pressure, he is playing double or nothing with Australian jobs to try and save his job by attacking small businesses with higher taxes.

RT @MathiasCormann: Labor’s arrogance on income tax cuts breathtaking. Having lost the election over their high taxing politics of envy they’re now attacking us because we intend to deliver on our promise of income tax cuts for all working Australians. It’s right for our economy & Australia agrees.

RT @MathiasCormann: .@AlboMP should long have accepted the verdict of the Australian people and acted on it by announcing Labor’s support for our income tax plan in full.…

RT @MathiasCormann: And now @JEChalmers asserts that the election was not really about tax? 🤔 Australians voted for lower income taxes for all working Australians and against the politics of envy. We will keep faith with the promise we made to the Australian people.

RT @sophieelsworth: Every single Victorian will pay the price for the gross mismanagement of this disaster by the Andrews Labor Government. This includes the #istandwithdan crew. Hotel quarantine/contact tracing failures has now left millions of Victorians living in a police state. #COVID19Vic

RT @AIIB_Official: RT @AIIB_Official: 2020 @AIIB_Official Annual Meeting Family Photo.