All deleted tweets from politicians

Senator Elect for Queensland with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. Authorised M Roberts c/- 38 Hudson Road Albion, Brisbane

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RT @michaelkoziol: Tony Abbott when asked by Alan Jones this morning about the prospect of wind turbines in his former seat of Warringah: "The last thing we want is what I regard as the dark satanic mills of the modern era spoiling our landscape." #auspol

RT @michaelkoziol: Labor campaign review: "Care needs to be taken to avoid Labor becoming a grievance-focused organisation. This approach leads to a culture of moving from one issue to the next, leading to the formulation of myriad policies that respond to a broad range of grievances." #auspol

RT @thegwpfcom: RT @thegwpfcom: Claims Of Dramatic Loss Of Great Barrier Reef Corals Are False…

RT @MRobertsQLD: Our manufacturing industry can't be globally competitive when your climate policies and renewable subsidies have doubled the price of electricity. China uses our coal to produce energy at 8c per kWh yet in Australia using the same coal our price is triple.

RT @MehreenFaruqi: The Liberals' hatred of public education is on full display today. This bill will do horrendous damage to students, uni, staff and researchers. One Nation and Centre Alliance have done a grubby deal to maim our future.

According to Senator Corman, international agreements take precedence over affordance energy to our most vulnerable people in our society—the poor, the elderly, students, the unemployed. Art of avoiding facts and logic.

RT @SkyNewsAust: Energy Minister @AngusTaylorMP says Australia needs an affordable, reliable supply of gas, electricity and liquid fuels for effective Australian manufacturing in the coming years.

RT @QldPolice: RT @QldPolice: Have you seen this boy? The 14yo has been missing since September 4 in the Logan area…

Go Woke, go bring me. Shell begins restructuring to hit its goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Shell shares were up 0.4% on Tuesday morning, but are down about 56% since the start of the year.

RT @thegwpfcom: RT @thegwpfcom: Shell announces 9000 job cuts as the price of its Net Zero restructuring plan becomes clearer…