All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Federal Member for Reid and Werriwa. I was elected to Federal Parliament in 1990. Interested in immigration, foreign affairs and job creation.

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I assume the word advertisement was not accidentally omitted from Senator Braggs’ a summary of his his books ideas in the SMH. Thus talking about ‘over the top’, we have two puff pieces on the one political tract in a single edition of the paper.

@maryannjernigan @ChidiNwatu @WhiteHouse Charles Manson and Jim Jones also impresssd some people

RT @MsVeruca: Well then, I presume he'll be starting at the big end of town first, including Rupert Murdoch, Apple Australia executives and the 48 Australians who earned over $1 million each in wages and yet - paid no income tax. Let's start with them shall we @ScottMorrisonMP ?…

@maggieNYT More tough talk from a powerful draft evader.

@WhiteHouse @POTUS Especially on the golf course

@WhiteHouse @POTUS How outrageous that they theyvdeny you fought in Vietnam and received a Purple Heart before landing on the Moon.

@WhiteHouse @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Here we have a limp mouthpiece for health insurance companiestrying to pretend he is not an unquestioning lapdog against average Americans.

Self important bozos like Barilaro & Damian Cumming think rules are for ordinary people.Pleased to see Lidcombe Korean restaurants care more about others. Excluded from one restaurant because they had 10!patrons we went to another & noted during our meal that they also adhered.

@TerrySerio @ozipetezar Yes his role on Ruby Orincess is not a good advertisement for sagacity in regards borders. Au pairs was a dry run but enthusiasm isn’t enough.

@JohnBarronUSA @pwwingman Thank God he did t start talking about positive and negative with per capita at the same time.