All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Federal Member for Reid and Werriwa. I was elected to Federal Parliament in 1990. Interested in immigration, foreign affairs and job creation.

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Ruby Hamed might be able to mix it on Sky Afterdark but not up to Q&A

Iceland’s Katrina Jacobsdottir might not have been smart skipping the Pence visit.Someone told Trump that Iceland was also once part of Denmark , is strategic and he could be offering big dollars for national sovereignty .

If Sandy Street is dismissed from the Ben here he could an asset in Hungary or Russia.

It’s reassuring to see a genuine, open person such as Sally Scsles on Q&A. It’s a change from posturing exhibitionists.

It’s reassuring to see a person such as Sally Scales who is a so patently a genuine , open person on Q&A.

It is an entertaining diversion that victims/passengers went past the Golden Sheaf to go to Croydon station. Gladys says tonight was organised well in advance.

The toilets on the concourse at Strathfield might be closed at but Gladys says commuters should be happy those on platform 6 can be used.

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RT @JohnJohnsonson: I'm just a bit worried that if Salim Mehajer keeps disgracing himself like this he's going to wind up The Australian's…