All deleted tweets from politicians

Deputy Labor Leader, Senate. Shadow Min Home Affairs, Immigration & Citizenship. NSW Senator. 42nd NSW Premier. Mother of 3. Advocate for stillbirth reduction.

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RT @Tony_Burke: Keep people in work. We need to recall Parliament and establish a wage subsidy. There are different ways of implementing this but it must: 1. Be conditional on keeping people in work 2. Be sufficient for employers to be able to afford to keep employees on. #auspol

The @CPSUnion & their members in @AusBorderForce - have been raising concerns about the lack of social distancing and screening at Sydney Intl airport. Cruise ships Airports Our borders The Morrison Govt can’t keep making this up as they go along. Peoples lives are at risk.

Between Tuesday night and this morning, @ScottMorrisonMP has already changed the “clear” rules that apply to Sally’s week. No wonder Australians are confused. We need a simple message PM - the more people stay home, the fewer who wil die.

It’s important the Australian community understands this because we will have to work together to curb the threat of right wing extremists who look to sow discord and inflict harm on Australians. Full statement here 👇

As the Director General of ASIO Mike Burgess made clear in his Annual Threat Assessment, right wing extremism is a real and emerging threat that we cannot ignore. Here's

Labor congratulates @nswpolice, @AusFedPolice and our national security and intelligence agencies for their hard work which led to this arrest.…

Our hearts broke for our New Zealand sisters and brothers who had their loved ones prematurely taken from them on 15 March 2019. Australians stand in solidarity with our New Zealand family – and to always stand against racism, hatred, fear and division. @andrewjgiles

RT @Stevie_Easton: @KKeneally The difference of course is most of these people went from ministerial offices back into public service a fair while ago then worked their way up to higher levels. Gaetjens came in at sec level after spending most of recent past on other side. Back to the economy... #estimates

You have to be kidding me... Boris Johnson has signed up this, Donald Trump has signed up this... but @ScottMorrisonMP won’t sign up this? #righttoknow #auspol

You have to be kidding me... #righttoknow #auspol