All deleted tweets from politicians

Senator Jordon Steele-John 🌏πŸ”₯


Senator for WA & proud #Green Disability, Youth, Trade, Peace & Nuclear Disarmament All views my own; auth by J. Steele-John, Australian Greens, PH, Canberra.

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Using the fear of a post-Covid-19 world to justify wasting $270b on weapons is absolutely shameful.…

RT @jonkudelka: RT @jonkudelka: It’s regularly breaking 30 degrees Celsius in the arctic circle why are we talking about anything else?

RT @Wil_Anderson: Government: People keep dying of overdoses at music festivals, if only we could do something about it Everyone: What about pill-testing? G: Maybe shut down all festivals? E: Pill-testing? G: Sewing people's mouth shut on entry? E: Pill-testing? G: Guess there's no solution

The major parties have ganged up to gag the crossbench in the @AuSenate A motion put by Minister Cormann & Senator Wong will be put to the Senate today to dramatically limit the number of motions that can be put before the senate on any given day #AusPol

Time to stop celebrating these men and hold them accountable for the roles they played in WA's history of First Nations genocide What would be the first symbol/statue you'd get rid of? We can start with Stirling Highway #BlackLivesMatter #AboriginalLivesMatter #AusPol

These recommendations have been largely overlooked or wilfully ignored. Since 1991 there have been 432 First Nations deaths in custody in Australia & not a single conviction. Here's a resource detailing every single one via Lorena Allam:…

This is what institutional and systemic racism looks like. White privilege, white supremacy & all of the other power structures that support it & enable it must be eliminated. There can be no environmental or economic justice without racial justice ✊

In 1987 Australia held a Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody >>>… In 1991 that RC handed down its report, making 330 recommendations about the changes needed to address the systemic and institutional racism that lead to these deaths.

When we talk about solidarity with protests over the murder of George Floyd & with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it is important to remember & acknowledge that Australia has its own history of police brutality, First Nations deaths in custody & institutional racism πŸ‘‡