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Senator for WA. Disability, Youth Affairs, Trade, Peace & Disarmament. Proud #Green. All views my own; authorised by J. Steele-John, Australian Greens, Canberra

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@AnnastaciaMP this reminds me of legislation put up by the Barnett govt in 2015 that tried to criminalise a "thing"…

@AnnastaciaMP If you google the definiton of 'wrong side of history' it will say: @AnnastaciaMP


Time to rethink our foreign policy - our so-called leaders are not acting in the interests of Australians or our #AsiaPacific neighbours #AusPol

RT @lisazdavies: Crown attempted to place full page ads in the @smh and @theage tomorrow. Rather than run them we have listed their allegat…

RT @SkyNewsAust: .@Jordonsteele: There are two individuals who passed away as a result of being involved in a program that John Ryan was ru…

@SkyNewsAust @ljayes @JohnRyan1956 We shouldn’t have to continue shouting out the names of our friends, family members and peers who have died just to be heard. This process continues to be an extremely traumatic and emotionally labouring experience for me and for so many others. All we want it justice.

@SkyNewsAust @ljayes @JohnRyan1956 These are the reasons the disability community continue to loudly oppose his appointment. These are the reasons many have vowed to boycott giving important evidence. These are the reasons why he must resign.

@SkyNewsAust @ljayes @JohnRyan1956 This program was designed to support people to move out of government institutions and into residential settings, SAFELY. In these 3 cases it failed. These 2 reasons are why @JohnRyan1956 is unsuitable to continue as a commissioner #AusPol #RoyalCommission