All deleted tweets from politicians

Labor Senate Team - Victoria. Proud to be union. Proud to be Labor. Authorised by Jess Walsh, ALP, 438 Docklands Drive, Docklands

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@MathiasCormann in QT: - Dismisses hardship of casuals - Makes partisan attack on Dan Andrews - Ignores medical advice not to reopen hospitality venues Will he apologise for these comments like Dan Tehan last week? #auspol #qt

RT @hospovoice: BREAKING: Today ABC covers our survey showing just 3 IN 10 hospo workers can access #JobKeeper. #Scomo created JobKeeper to help hospo & yet he's deliberately excluded the majority of the workforce. He is failing hospo workers. #NoWorkerLeftBehind…

RT @hospovoice: WIN! The Vic Govt announces much-needed help for 40,000 international students. It's a great start. It's time to step up the pressure on @JoshFrydenberg so ALL migrant workers can keep a roof over their heads & food on the table. #NoWorkerLeftBehind #WageSubsidyForAll

TRANSLATION: All students who come to Australia are welcome to pay tuition, work hard, and pay their taxes. They have rent and bills to pay just like anyone else. But if they’ve lost their job in the Covid-19 crisis, my message is: they’re on their own. #NoWorkerLeftBehind

RT @DanTehanWannon: All students who come to Australia are welcome. They have the right to live in a safe, supporting environment, just like everyone else. We are all dealing with COVID-19 together. My message to our international students is: you are our friends. #InThisTogether

RT @hospovoice: Every few seconds, another hospo worker’s life is ripped apart. Hospo is in meltdown from #COVID19Aus. We’re losing our shifts & our jobs, with nothing to fall back on. Please share this with every hospo worker u know: #ILostMyHospoShift #savehospo

ABCC is meant to clean up construction - an industry with $300M wage theft. Today they revealed what they recovered for workers ripped off by sham contracts. Drum roll please..... 🥁 $15,000! For 2 workers. 🙄 But let’s prosecute unions instead... #estimates @unionsaustralia

RT @AlboMP: Victoria is in a state of disaster. NSW is in a state of emergency. Australia is burning. This is unprecedented. But the experts tell us that this is the new normal. We can't go on like business as usual. This is a national emergency. It requires a national response.

RT @UnitedVoiceVic: Casino Union members ready rumble for secure jobs. Today it was revealed SEVENTY PERCENT of Crown Melbourne are part-time or casual positions. Crown has broken its social contract with the people of Victorian community. #1jobshouldbeenough #changethegame #ausunions #springst

RT @UnitedVoiceVic: These gutsy school cleaners are taking action for fairer workloads and respect. They have signed a letter to take to James Merlino calling on the government to come to the table and discuss the issues they are facing #springst