All deleted tweets from politicians

Labor Senator for NSW

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RT @workmanalice: Michaelia Cash will be in the witness box in Federal Court from 9:30am. Stay tuned for updates.

Doug Cameron (australia) tweeted :

Hanssen’s associated company Finbar Construction employed a 27 year old female German backpacker who fell 35 metres to her death on site. Work continued, no police called and blood and clothing visible with no effort to stop contamination of evidence. No unions,deaths continue.

Doug Cameron (australia) tweeted :

Centre Alliance are nothing more than Liberals masquerading as independents. Rolling over to draconian industrial laws will mean increasing inequality and lower wages for working class Australians. Don’t expect them to ever be independent of the Libs.…

Morrison wants to unleash the economies “animal spirits” This guy is full of shit. He means let the market rip! We knywhat happens with unfettered capitalism and it’s not good.

Don’t believe anything Pauline Hanson says. Everything is about her and the public interest. Will not get a look in.…

Helping young families, the unemployed the homeless and the disadvantaged.This is great policy. Having an affordable roof over your head is so important. The Coalition were advised by their own review to address affordable housing but ignored the advice.…

Great announcement with ⁦@chrisgambian⁩ to invest $3m at Padstow TAFE. New facility for NDIS, aged care and health care training. Only Labor recognises how important TAFE is to skill Australians for existing and future kids.…

Launching the campaign of Belinda Hassan for Dawson tonight. Rockhampton deserves a member who will stand up for the community unlike the part time member for Manila @GChristensenMP. Belinda is smart hardworking and honest. Christensen is a weak backflipper. His time is up!

@vanbadham @GuardianAus Hi Van. Just got back to Sydney from Perth. Another terrific article on worker exploitation. Watched the movie Vice on the plane.its about Chaney and is really good. You should send me your number. My mobile is 0418468147. Doug