All deleted tweets from politicians

Labor Senator for Tasmania Authorised by C Bilyk 3/20 Channel Highway Kingston Tasmania 7050

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RT @Ozlandscapes: This man decided Australians didn't need, deserve or were entitled to a world class fibre to the premises Internet service. #auspol

RT @JoshBBornstein: Qantas has failed to obtain a stay of federal court proceedings in which @TWUAus is seeking reinstatement of 1700 workers it sacked illegally. Well done @TWUAus and our legal team.

Catryna Bilyk (australia) tweeted :

A big THANK YOU to the 2.65 million (or 1 in 8) Australians who provide unpaid care for a family member or friend with disability, ill health or who are frail aged. Your work much such a huge difference! @CarersAustralia @CarersTas #Carers2021 #MillionsOfReasonsToCare

Catryna Bilyk (australia) tweeted :

6 October 2021 is #headspaceday. A quarter of young Australians will experience mental health issues each year. @headspace_aus encourages young Australians to take the small steps that are right for them. For 7 useful #headspacetips for your health visit

RT @GaiBrodtmannMP: RT @GaiBrodtmannMP: If you receive an unexpected call from someone claiming to be from the ATO saying you are due a refund, hang up. https:…

RT @BrainCancerCure: RT @BrainCancerCure: Winnipeg Ironman competitor dies from brain cancer: <<Joanne Schiewe was an inspiring athlete…

RT @JEChalmers: Josh Frydenberg said the economy was roaring back, but it was slowing in June and is now contracting in September. He said we were outperforming the world but our growth in the June quarter was weaker than the UK, US and the OECD average. #auspol #ausecon

RT @wendy_harmer: Late to this and cannot believe what I am reading... So hateful. How could anyone take offence? (Except at the rate of Indig. incarceration which is a national shame.) Pauline Hanson remains a malignant worm in our national discourse. Ugh!…

Catryna Bilyk (australia) tweeted :

#IronAwarenessWeek (23-29 August 2021) focuses on iron deficiency, but there's less awareness of the opposite problem - iron overload or #haemochromatosis. If you feel tired and worn out perhaps it's time to get your iron levels tested? @HaemAus @Haem_Int

RT @casualflexible: "it's not good enough that our Centrelink system has had the guts ripped out of it by Malcolm Turnbull" @justinekeay Could not be more right. Let's rebuild Centrelink. We can do it with the taxes the banks should be paying #auspol @billshortenmp @CPSUnion