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I’m Deaf. Member of SA Parliament in PC Justice & Correctional Services. Former WFD vice President & board member. Deafsa NEC & Manco, GallaudetU Board Member

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wilma newhoudt (ANC) retweeted @CobhozaR :

RT @CobhozaR: RT @CobhozaR: Sign Language usually raw Appearance to describe someone, do they refer to President Ramaphosa as Big Nose?

wilma newhoudt (ANC) retweeted @miamalan :

RT @miamalan: 24 shelters for abused women will be opened in Gauteng for #LockdownSA, as families confined to spaces can make women vulnerable to abuse. They will receive dignity and food packs at the shelters. If you need help, email: #Covid19SA

wilma newhoudt (ANC) tweeted :

@SABC_2 @shoreline no subtitles, very disappointing

RT @RexChapman: This hearing-impaired father expressing love to his newborn daughter in sign-language is the definitely Twitter content I’m here for...💪😍😇😊🔥

wilma newhoudt (ANC) retweeted @DWYPD_ZA :

RT @DWYPD_ZA: Ms Mmabatho Ramagoshi, Special Advisor to the Minister in the Presidency for Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities, opens with the objectives of the day. Ms Ramagoshi speaks to lawyers, magistrates and judges on the lack of gender sensitization training in the legal sector.

RT @lukewaltham: RT @lukewaltham: Please retweet and share this! It could save the lives of the less fortunate ❤️ #capestorm @IOL

wilma newhoudt (ANC) tweeted :

A part of @GallaudetU history here, Deaf President Now (DON)

wilma newhoudt (ANC) retweeted @newhoudt :

RT @newhoudt: RT @newhoudt: @ParliamentofRSA @DeafsaInfo @Disability_SA officially sworn in as Member of South African Parliament. @GallaudetU https://t.…

wilma newhoudt (ANC) retweeted @MYANC :

RT @MYANC: A vote for the ANC on May 8 is a vote for faster, more effective land reform. In the words of President @CyrilRamaphosa, “It is in the ownership of land that we find our independence as a people.” #GrowSouthAfrica #VoteANC

RT @NathanHamm: Believe women. Trust women. Respect women. Affirm women. Listen to women. Empathize with women. Recognize women. Honor the stories of women. Learn from women. Empower women. Follow women.