All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Epsom, Leader, @actparty. Authorised by D Smith, 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland 1023.

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RT @nz_hill: RT @nz_hill: Good on @dbseymour asking questions about the rule of law in the Epidemic Response Committee.

RT @5amHill: Tonight confirmed for me that I've made the right choice to vote for the @actparty in this year's election. A party of genuine, hard-working New Zealanders who want to make this country as awesome as we know it can be. Yes, there is a cat on the stage. #nzpol

RT @ketelsandrew: @Lesleycubawelly @dbseymour And the govt’s economic advisor, Treasury, said arguments went both ways, and didn’t offer a view. Point is the Nats introduced the kernel of a CGT and now it’s growing, as David predicted when they passed the two year bright line test…

RT @ketelsandrew: @ToddScottNBR @AdDeville @SusieFergusonNZ @dbseymour @NZMorningReport David’s leading the debates on assisted dying and charter schools. Both big issues at the moment. Second time you’ve tweeted something like this. What’s your problem?

RT @NewshubNZ: Poll results show ACT's lonely seat in Parliament is set to multiply, with @TovaOBrien revealing the astonishing number of party members that could join David Seymour in the House. #Decision20

David Seymour (act-party) tweeted :

So, Ashley Bloomfield, the man in charge of running the Ministry of Health, had to give up hours of his day to travel to Auckland to fit in with Jacinda Ardern’s election campaign?

David Seymour (act-party) tweeted :

ACT’s Change Your Future bus tour is in the South Island. Today heading through Timaru, Oamaru and Dunedin. Plenty of interest in our plans to get on top of the out-of-control spending and debt, and have a faster recovery with lower taxes. More here:

RT @dbseymour: RT @dbseymour: That moment when you go from ‘neutral expert’ to ‘partisan hack.’ Some of us spotted it a while back.