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RT @candice_lee: @BantuHolomisa @News24 DA members are denying everything these days. They even denying the fact that they are at fault for…

@TheRealPro7 Some of belong to Esidimeni bogus mental home.

RT @KingNkosana_: @BantuHolomisa It is their time to eat General. You deal with thugs then boom here comes another looters for the next 5…

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) retweeted @CunningGR :

RT @CunningGR: @NoxoloNoxeernat @BantuHolomisa I can't help but spread a little light relief:…

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) retweeted @GrantSon1 :

RT @GrantSon1: Im loving the social media policing of these elections. Ts extremely powerful! Well done leadership, keep reporting and post…

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) retweeted @GrantSon1 :

RT @GrantSon1: @BantuHolomisa Protect the country's till (purse) General @BantuHolomisa bua leadership!

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) retweeted @GrantSon1 :

RT @GrantSon1: @BantuHolomisa @UDmRevolution Thank you Honorable @BantuHolomisa for being the first person to bring this to our attention.…

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) retweeted @GrantSon1 :

RT @GrantSon1: @BantuHolomisa @IOL So you were right all along Honorable Mr. @BantuHolomisa

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RT @GrantSon1: @BantuHolomisa I've always maintained that CR7 vs NDZ is far from over. The ANC is mortally wounded. My offer to assist stil…