All deleted tweets from politicians


Twitter name Political party Gender_m / Gender_f
AAmbainis AAmbainis unknown
AivarsLembergs AivarsLembergs Union of Greens and Farmers Gender_m
AivarsMeija AivarsMeija Par Labu Latviju Gender_m
AizsardzibasMin AizsardzibasMin unknown Gender_m
akirstei akirstei lnnk Gender_m
AldisAdamovics AldisAdamovics Unity Gender_m
aldisblumbergs aldisblumbergs unknown
AldisGobzems AldisGobzems unknown
andacaksa andacaksa unknown Gender_m
AndrejsElksnins AndrejsElksnins saskana Gender_m
AndrejsJudins AndrejsJudins Unity Gender_m
AndrisBuikis AndrisBuikis lnnk Gender_m
AndrisSkride AndrisSkride unknown
anita_muizniece anita_muizniece unknown
AnsisDobelis AnsisDobelis unknown
APiebalgs APiebalgs Unity Gender_m
Arlietas Arlietas unknown Gender_m
ArmandsKrauze ArmandsKrauze Union of Greens and Farmers Gender_m
ArtursToms ArtursToms unknown
artuss artuss unknown Gender_m
aseradens aseradens unknown Gender_m
AtisLejins AtisLejins Unity Gender_m
a_latkovskis a_latkovskis Unity Gender_m
Bordans Bordans unknown
Boriss_Cilevics Boriss_Cilevics saskana Gender_m
budrikisuldis budrikisuldis unknown
DaceKavasa DaceKavasa unknown
DanaReiznieceOz DanaReiznieceOz Union of Greens and Farmers Gender_f
DidzisSmits DidzisSmits unknown
DLiepins DLiepins Latvijas Reģionu apvienība Gender_m
duriti duriti unknown
DzintarsRasnacs DzintarsRasnacs lnnk Gender_m
DzintarsZakis DzintarsZakis Unity Gender_m
EdgarsPutra EdgarsPutra Union of Greens and Farmers Gender_m
edgarsrinkevics edgarsrinkevics Unity Gender_m
EdvardsSmiltens EdvardsSmiltens Unity Gender_m
EdvinsSnore EdvinsSnore lnnk Gender_m
EglitisGatis EglitisGatis unknown
EinarsCilinskis EinarsCilinskis lnnk Gender_m
EM_gov_lv EM_gov_lv unknown Gender_m
FeldmansLV FeldmansLV unknown
Finmin Finmin unknown Gender_m
FjodorovsEU FjodorovsEU unknown
GirtsSolis GirtsSolis unknown
H_AbuMeri H_AbuMeri Unity Gender_m
IDalderis IDalderis Unity Gender_m
IeM_gov_lv IeM_gov_lv unknown Gender_m
IGoldberga IGoldberga unknown
IlmarsLat IlmarsLat lnnk Gender_m
IMurniece IMurniece lnnk Gender_f
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