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RT @womenforchange5: RT @womenforchange5: Huge thank you @Thando_Thabethe for contributing to Nampree legal fees in the fight against DJ Fresh and Euphonik ❤️❤️…

RT @booksbakesbants: I realise also now, that, it is very rape apology type rhetoric that I have framed him gentle as lamb here and everywhere – but this is the only Stuart I know.

RT @booksbakesbants: RT @booksbakesbants: When PEP gets an online store its over for everyone

RT @booksbakesbants: Keenan across the road wanted to break up with his gf but they have a child together so he was hesitant. Then she found out she's pregnant again and gave birth the week after she found out. Keenan across the road is washing windows while his gf is tending to the babies.

RT @booksbakesbants: A perfectly healthy 37 year old woman I know had Covid-19, recovered and was hospitalized this week again for diastolic heart failure. The virus damaged her heart. She took all precautions and only went out for essentials. Wear a mask please. Sanitize. Wash your hands.