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Bacha Khan Trust Swat Anjuman meeting at Qasim Bagh Swat,chaired by Board Chairman Asim Khan. All Anjuman members participated including ANP District President Ayub Khan & his cabinet. Important decisions made regarding trust programmes in the dustrict.

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RT @SaleemFarrukh: Forgot to order COVID Vaccine Forgot to pay the lease-PIA Boeing 777 Impounded Forgot to Order LNG-Rs220B Loss Forgot to Maintain the National Grid-Blackout Forgot the Sugar Report Forgot to pay Reko Diq $5.8 billion Didn't forget to pay Broadsheet $29 million

سونامی کی نحوست : پھولوں کا شھر لاھور کوڑے کچرے سے اٹ گیا گِھن تبدیلی دے مزے