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Jo Luxton (unknown) retweeted @nzherald :

RT @nzherald: "An embarrassing mistake from National which claims to be better managers of taxpayers' money."…

Our @NZGreens Thriving Oceans Plan: 🌊 Protect at least 30% of Aotearoa’s oceans in 10yrs 🥤Less plastic in our oceans 🚫Restrict set nets, and ban bottom trawling on seamounts 🐠Restore the health of the Hauraki Gulf Together, we can protect our precious big blue backyard💚

If we want healthy oceans and abundant fisheries we neec to protect 30 percent of NZ oceans…

David Seymour (act-party) tweeted :

ACT’s Change Your Future bus tour is in the South Island. Today heading through Timaru, Oamaru and Dunedin. Plenty of interest in our plans to get on top of the out-of-control spending and debt, and have a faster recovery with lower taxes. More here:

RT @tessamdberger: RT @tessamdberger: Everything you need to know about the US and NZ in one tweet