All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @FionaElliotFox1: RT @FionaElliotFox1: The Harvard speech by our PM Jacinda Ardern was excellent considering she never ran airline

RT @AndreAlessi: Any analysis of @_chloeswarbrick's Auckland Central win that doesn't centre the absolutely massive amount of work her team put in on the ground is incomplete. Punditry tends to describe political success in abstract ideological terms, but often it really is about who shows up.

RT @AndreAlessi: RT @AndreAlessi: Three ticks Green. ✔️✔️✔️

RT @raquelxmoss: RT @raquelxmoss: @NZAHParallels @ChrisPenknz (much as it pains me to compare these clowns to Plato and Aristotle)

RT @MichMyersMUA: It’s time to get these girls off Christmas Island and let them go #HomeToBilo #auspol #gameover #australiaunfair #letthemstay

RT @Quicktake: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gets a standing ovation when discussing how New Zealand passed laws to ban “military-style semi-automatics and assault rifles.” She gave the @Harvard commencement address, days after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas

RT @jordanbackstage: I have to agree, funding the Comedy Trust with $50,000 for this critical and necessary mahi isn’t enough. Salaries for multiple workers should have been funded to support this kaupapa and ensure the safety, and sustainable careers, of rising comedians from various backgrounds.

RT @jordanbackstage: my nurse reminded me it’s special getting vaxxed because you ‘get to see yourself on tv’ (in the numbers). Which is true and lovely, but Sonya clearly forgot about me being on Sticky Tv at 14 🤷🏻

RT @markeasterbrook: @golrizghahraman Fascinates me that Chris Penk is amongst it, when he is ex-Navy. In NZ and Australia, a 17 year old can die in service to their country, but can’t vote.

RT @kirsty_johnston: I can't tell you how many times I've been subject to online abuse and the advice is "don't read the comments" or "don't read your emails" or "just leave Twitter." Extremely validating to have @golrizghahraman point out that it's part of the gaslighting…