All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @AyushBate: Парис Лондон Вьена Нью Йорк Милан түмэн бужигнасан хотод дэлхийн алдарт дуурийн танхимуудад МНГхоо нэрийг цуурайтуулж яваа Амартүвшин. Тоглолтынх н дараа хамтдаа оройн зоогт орж хөөрөлдөв. Урьд н Францын Лионд тоглолтыг н үзсэн. Энэ удаа Миланд. Ирэх жил Нью Йоркт үзэх санаатай.

RT @Sukhbaatar_J: RT @Sukhbaatar_J: УИХ-ын хаврын ээлжит чуулганы нээлт◽ Ажил их байгаа◽‍♂️ Хичээнээ✅

RT @Setgex: RT @Setgex: Цус өтгөрөлтэй холбоотой харвалт ихэсч байгааг ЭМЯ-ны Эмнэлгийн тусламжийн газрын дарга Ж.Нарангэрэл анхаарууллаа.

RT @MarkFieldUK: Thrilled to see the government announce a new two-year post-study work visa that expands opportunities for talented international students to build successful careers in the UK. I've been a long time advocate of this move and you read my thoughts here:…

RT @MarkFieldUK: Useful and enjoyable meetings @UN today with friends (and counterparts) from Nepal, Mongolia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. @PradeepgyawaliK @TsogtbaatarD @Shafqat_Mahmood @SalahRabbani

RT @MarkFieldUK: Wonderful to catch up with my friend former PM @BatboldSukh and colleagues from Mongolia-Britain Parliamentary Group. Discussed our flourishing bilateral relationship, incl shared values, trade & investment, and cooperation on global challenges such as #IWT. @julianknight15

RT @MarkFieldUK: Illegal Wildlife Trade has grown into a global criminal enterprise, worth up to £17bn a year - BUT by using big data, small satellites and forging partnerships with tech companies, 🇬🇧 is at the forefront of helping #EndWildlifeCrime

RT @MarkFieldUK: Pleasure to visit @StockExchangeMN and meet CEO Altai Khangai. Excellent partnership with @LSEplc delivering benefits all round as Mongolia’s economy develops @HMAMalone

RT @MarkFieldUK: Great to discuss tourism, the environment, mining, public finances, foreign affairs and bilateral relations with Mongolian counterparts including @tserenbt @SumiyabazarD @BatboldSukh @KhurelbaatarCh and @TsogtbaatarD

RT @MarkFieldUK: Fascinating visit to Oyu Tolgoi. Mongolia and UK working together to develop one of the largest copper and gold mines in the world. Talented Mongolian workers from here will support mineral sector and drive 🇲🇳 prosperity for decades to come. @OTMongolia