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These observations of Twitter behavior from politicians where made in the period from 30 December 2019 23:29 untill 28 January 2020 23:29

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Shahram Ghahramani (iran) tweeted :

Best description until now on Twitter: - The gift of century to Israel - Copy and paste from Indian reservation

Shahram Ghahramani (iran) tweeted :

Russian and Iranian intelligence sources say Michael D’ Andrea – head of CIA Middle East operations– has been killed in yesterday aircraft crash in Ghazni, #afghanistan…

Massoumeh Ebtekar (iran) tweeted :

Azadi Innovation Factory/ Nine major Accelerators/ services for start ups /technology opportunities for young women & men…

RT @ebtekarm_ir: اگر “میزان، رای ملت است” امکان تحقق #رای_ملت باید فراهم شود.

RT @ebtekarm_ir: 🎞 خطبه فدکیه از فاطمه (س) خطاب به مردم پس از وفات پیامبر (ص) است... خطبه ای که در همه اعصار جاریست... «... ای مردم! بدانيد…