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RT @hughriminton: At the cost of $130B over the next six months, Treasurer @JoshFrydenberg has announced a $1500/fortnight payment to businesses to encourage them to keep their workers employed.

Social distance walking with daughter Josie tonight

RT @ScottMorrisonMP: Our $130 billion JobKeeper plan will help keep Australians in jobs, providing around 6 million workers with a wage subsidy of $1500 a fortnight through their employer. It's open to businesses that receive a significant financial hit due to #coronavirus ▶️

RT @AdamBandt: This wage subsidy is too little, too late. Jobs were unnecessarily lost when the government rightly lifted Newstart but then failed to accept Greens amendments to also include a jobs and wages guarantee, because this sent a signal to employers to start sacking people.

I will be joining @tracygrimshaw on @ACurrentAffair9 tonight to talk about the Government’s $130 billion JobKeeper payment to help keep Australians in jobs as we tackle the economic impact from #Covid_19.