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These observations of Twitter behavior from politicians where made in the period from 24 August 2018 10:05 untill 22 September 2018 10:05

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Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

We Christians are not selling a product. We are communicating a lifestyle.

Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

The statute of Our Lady of Aparecida was found by poor workers. May Mary bless all of us, but especially those seeking employment.

Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

يا رب، أرسل الرّوحَ القدس كي يهب العزاءَ والشدّة للمسيحيين المضطهدين.

Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

Let us spray for the miners who died in Turkey and for the latest victims of shipwreck in the Mediterranean

Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

God loves us. We must not be afraid to love him. The faith is professed with the lips and with the heart, through words and through love.