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These observations of Twitter behavior from politicians where made in the period from 21 August 2020 15:30 untill 19 September 2020 15:30

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Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

As many spiritual masters have taught us, heaven, earth, sea, and every creature have this iconic capacity or mystical capacity to bring us back to the Creator and to communion with creation. #SeasonOfCreation #GeneralAudience

Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

While we are compatting #coronavirus, we must continue the effort to prevent and cure #malaria which threatens millions of persons in many countries. I am near to all who are sick, to those who care for them.

Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

Let us pause at (#GospelofToday) #VangelodiOggi (Gv 1,29-34), perhaps even contemplating an icon of Christ, Son of God made lamb, to free us from evil. Yes, we are still poor sinners but not slaves, no, but children, children of God!

Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

Let us ask the Lord, in this time of Advent, to revive in us faith in Christ who comes to save us, to help us be always faithful to our vocation as missionary disciples. #GeneralAudience

Pope Francis (unknown) tweeted :

To men and women missionaries, and to all those who, by virtue of their baptism, share in any way in the mission of the Church, I send my heartfelt blessing. #MissionaryOctober #Pentecostā€¦ papa-francesco_20190609_giornata-missionaria2019.html