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އަތޮޅު ރައީސް އަށް މަރުަބާ ◽

Congratulations AA.Atoll Council President Elect Hussain Arusalaan Congratulations Thoddoo Council President Elect Ahmed Karam Congratulations Ukulhas council President Elect Shaukath Ibrahim #VotunUfaaverikan #RahVehiFathis #LCE2021

RT @MTCCPlc: MTCC has contracted Gulf Craft Maldives to design and build 17 speed ferries under "Integrated National Public Ferry Network Project".  #MTCCSpeedFerry

RT @AdduCityCouncil: On behalf of Mayor @SobeAbdulla, Councillors and everyone at #AdduCityCouncil, we extend the warmest congratulations to Mayor-Elect, @DhekunuNizar and all the candidates of #AdduCity who won in their respective constituencies in the Local Council Election 2020.