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RT @calxandr: Pakistan's military has continued proxy war - once covert, but now increasingly public - on the very thin pretext that the 1988 Geneva Accords allowed for 'positive symmetry' - a euphemism meaning the US & Soviet sides would continue arming proxies. 2/3…

RT @calxandr: The last obstacle to peace in Afghanistan today is Pakistan's continuing proxy war. Ending it should be a priority for every state. The US should formally condemn 'positive symmetry' & impose sanctions (as it has for Russia) on those in Pakistan sustaining the conflict. 3/3

RT @calxandr: Pakistan has been arming, funding & supporting tens of thousands of combatants fighting a proxy war on the territory of neighbouring Afghanistan. No sovereign state should ever face or could ever accept such a situation, which violates basic principles of international law. 1/3

RT @calxandr: After two generations of uninterrupted war, Afghans deserve peace. But peace will not come without action to end the covert proxy war waged by Pakistan's military in Afghanistan since 2001. My new paper is about this persistent war & how to end it:…

Justin Trudeau (Liberal) tweeted :

Aujourd’hui, on a annoncé un investissement dans les autobus zéro émission et l’infrastructure de recharge du pays. J’ai parlé avec des employés de @TransLinkNews et @NovaBus_ de ce que ça signifie pour les communautés et notre environnement. Détails :