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Dan Harris (unknown) retweeted @SCOIncMB :

RT @SCOIncMB: 1/2: Canada’s @NDP Leader @Jagmeet Singh/jagmeetsingh visited @SCOIncMB’s office today—Grand Chief @Jerry Daniels highlighted concerns of SCO’s 34 member First Nations. Jagmeet Singh requested this meeting and asked, “How can I be an ally?” #FirstNations #cdnpoli #mbpoli #NDP

RT @heatherlibby: @keithbaldrey They're hiring thousands of new teachers, building new schools and upgrading others all over the province. Alas, that fixing sixteen years of BC Liberal cuts cannot happen all at once.

RT @NeverKieth: So I decided to look into how much other cities charge for fare evasion and how that relates to their adult bus fare charge (not counting discounted fares). As you can see of the cities I looked at in North America Toronto is #1 for how much we charge.

RT @politics_n_prep: RT @politics_n_prep: Me: I want a Unicorn Santa: Be realistic Me: I want a fiscally responsible government Santa: What color unicorn

RT @candicegartist: I’m not the only one speaking up. Read this other families experience. As I stated before, the divide is deeply rooted.…