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James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

Has Scott Brison apologized yet for causing all this?

Kennedy Stewart (NDP) tweeted :

#Vancouver City Council has unanimously approved the 1st & Clark housing and treatment centre providing 90 social housing units and critical support services. Thank you to all the speakers and community members who helped us learn more about how important this vote was. #vanpoli

RT @tedlaking: For those of you doubting the PM's excuse this morning that he had to shuffle Wilson-Raybould because Brison resigned, I can…

Ève Péclet (unknown) tweeted :

L'écart salarial hommes-femmes a grandi en 2018 au Québec | LIA LÉVESQUE | Québec…

RT @kingsleymalo: What an awesome night with @MarcSerreMP, @LefebvrePaul and @liberal_party members. Meeting @Carolyn_Bennett was such an h…