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@pmlagasse 3/ cities and lakes are named after minor Royals, qua members of the Canadian Royal Family. I live your work, but is it possible

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RT @pmarca: The perpetually missing headline: "Capitalism worked okay again today, and most people in the world got a little better off."

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Some of the police officers arriving on Parliament Hill today for Sunday's national Police &Peace Officers Memorial

RT @douglasyardley: @nikiashton When I was a temp. there was one week during which I worked at 4 different places. Felt like a transient.

RT @AllisonPilo: We need a universal, affordable #childcare system in Canada #canfem #cdnpoli @PaulDewar

RT @davidfrum: An authoritarian amoral president with undisclosed financial interests, under the sway of an unfriendly foreign power, unche…

RT @nspector4: 'Great' moment-Dion denies extradition treaty negotiations w China after Trudeau defended decision 2 launch talks https://t.…

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Commons committee to scrutinize arms export controls