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RT @MikePMoffatt: @DanAlbas My colleague @pmboothe has an excellent paper on this, which includes lessons we can learn from Mexico: https:/…

RT @nattymcnasty: One tweet supporting @ElizabethMay on #elbowgate and substance-stigmatizing, self-righteous, disparaging trolls trounce m…

RT @gwenstyles: Spending the afternoon in my favourite riding (#parkhp!) with my favourite peeps (@PeggyNashNDP and volunteers)! http://t.c…

Rona Ambrose (unknown) tweeted :

Drift Production Services Ltd s’occupe du centre pour les évacués de Fort MacMurray. Merci pour toute la générosité et la gentillesse! 2/2

Rona Ambrose (unknown) tweeted :

.@mayor_mel & Shelby Karpenchuk, Prez of Drift Production Services Ltd showed me around Redwater's Evac. Centre 1/2

Ryan Cleary (unknown) tweeted :

Expropriate offshore shrimp licences in favour of regional quotas, or charge royalties for a legacy fishery fund. #nlpoli

Justin Trudeau (unknown) tweeted :

J’ai parlé d’innovation aujourd’hui – et je l’ai vue de mes yeux – avec le pdg de @ToyotaMotorCorp, Akia Toyoda.

Justin Trudeau (unknown) tweeted :

Talking innovation – and seeing it firsthand – with @ToyotaMotorCorp CEO Akia Toyoda.

@DewittLeeTO @masterknia @Viresh1 @Piragal I hope you join me and condemn this personal attack from Deepam News…

@smeurrens Because they get open work permit, are hear typically for a maximum of one year, and it's a reciprocal program, ie for Canadians